“Why do you post all those workout pics?”

Alright, so here’s the blog I was going to write before my dog got super sick. Ever since I moved my fitness stuff from my personal Facebook page to a “Like” page I’ve had some steady growth, but also a few people asking why I post up a picture every day of myself working out. Most are cool, but there have been a couple people that are obviously down on themselves and out of shape but feel the need to make me bad about making myself a priority.

First, though, I do recognize the irony of talking about always making fitness posts when I haven’t at all this week. So if you didn’t read my earlier blog here and don’t know what’s up, here’s a brief summary of my week. Aside from the emotional stress I’ve been forcing Andrea to stay home and take care of Seattle. So where she would normally run the kitchen and help with employee issues, I’ve been doing the work load for both of us this week. Luckily, we have a really good staff that makes it a bit easier and they tend to work well on their own, but still I’m mentally and physically exhausted. But! I haven’t missed a workout this week, I just haven’t been posting them like normal. So anyway, on to the reason I do what I do!

First and foremost I do it for me. Posting up every workout makes me accountable. There are some awesome people that ALWAYS like my pics on instagram or comment on Twitter and it’s awesome, so they keep me on track. Very rarely do I post these things up just to get attention (though if I do something cool, like hold Crane pose for 60 seconds), you know I’m gonna brag about it! It also gives me a great way to track my progress. I can go to my own feed, search my hashtag, and have a visual of my entire journey. That’s just cool.

Second, I hope to just inspire one person to become healthy. I know most people roll their eyes when I post up the morning pic of my sweaty and shirtless, but my ultimate hope is that picture will make one person just go “You know what, I’m going to skip the pizza and order salad” or “Instead of marathoning Daredevil tonight I’m going for a jog.” Just one person doing something small, and if I can affect someone’s life like that then I’ve done my job.

Speaking of jobs, that brings me to the last part. Makin’ it rain! *throws money and dances in circles”. This is also the least reason why I have a fitness page and post all those fun photos. While I am a Beachbody Coach and love the extra income, I don’t do it to sell people on things. If I did you’d know it (believe me, and I used to!) But if that person I inspire also picks up a workout program from me that helps everyone.

So there you go. When you see me plugging away day by day just know I’m a selfish bastard looking to get ripped. But, I’m also here to help you if you want to live my life đŸ™‚

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