Ultimate Reset Review – Resetting My Life

21 Days of healthy eating

For the past three weeks, my fiance’e and I have embarked down a road of self discovery, food exploration, and overall wellness. We took the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Challenge. What’s this “Reset”?

What it’s not

The Ultimate Reset by Beachbody resembles a cleanse/detox program, however it’s much more. Most people, when they hear “cleanse”, think of drinking some bright colored juice for a certain amount of time, intermixed by frequent trips to the household throne. The Ultimate Reset wasn’t like that at all. There wasn’t any juicing, and certainly no emergency sprints to the “man cave”.

What it is

In a nutshell, the Reset is a restricted meal plan and supplement regiment. It’s broken into three Phases, or weeks, that comprise the complete 21-Day program. It’s purpose is to “detox” your body of the artificial things you’ve eaten over the years (artificial flavors, anyone?) and toxins from the environment. If you can look out the window and see brown air, chances are you need to Reset.

Week 1 – Reclaim

The first week you reclaim your body. You gradually ween yourself off meat and dairy products.

Week 2 – Detox

At this point you’re fully vegetarian. Your diet consists of a lot of beans and grains, as well as an increase in fruits and vegetables. You also begin taking the Detox supplement. Because you take this three times per day for a week it’s extremely gentle. No “blowouts” here.

Week 3 – Revitalize

This week you’re fully Vegan. You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, with some optional grains if you can’t do without. Your body has been completely scrubbed of toxins and now you’re adding back the beneficial enzymes and bacteria to bring your digestive system into full working order. You’ve also re-tuned your pH to a balanced level, aiding in sleep and fighting off illnes.

So, pretty fancy, huh? I thought so. But why this, why now? Why not stroll down to Walgreens and pick up the latest little white box with the fitness trainer of the week? This program has actually been in effect for years. It’s co-creator Isabella Daikeler, has worked with many athletes and musicians after tours and months on the road. This is the method she used to help bring them back into balance after the “wild nights” and intense days. But how did it get to this point? Well my fingers are starting to cramp so just check it out here, lol

Now you’re probably wondering about MY experience with this thing. If you haven’t seen my daily video updates, I highly encourage you head over to Facebook.com/markuszimmerman or my ZmanFitness youtube channel and check it out! But, if you just want a quick little pros and cons list, here ya go!

  • THIS IS NOT EASY! IT’S NOT A QUICK FIX! You will be cooking your meals for three weeks, so be prepared.
  • Week 1 was the most costly and time consuming. It ran me about $120 for the week, and about 5-hours of food prep time.
  • I was pretty hungry in Week 3. You only end up consuming 800-1000 calories per day (you’re not working out).
  • You’re not working out! That was hard for me mentally, to just go on “walks”.
  • Excess dishes, especially measuring spoons and tupperware. Cook and clean every night.
  • Social aspect, going to events and not having a wide range of choices. It’s amazing how many “healthy” restaurants aren’t actually vegetarian or Vegan friendly.
  • Having to worry about distilled water and the expense of SmartWater (usually when out and about).
  • Not able to just eat when I’m hungry or when it’s convenient. You have to take a supplement, wait 30min, eat, then wait two hours for the next cycle.
  • Lost 16lbs and 1.6 inches off my waist.
  • Expanding my tastes. I had so many foods I never would have eaten before this. Coconut collard greens anyone?
  • I’ve learned to love veggies as a snack and regular part of my meals. No more just mixing in corn. Veggies are so good!
  • Seeing how easy it was to incorporate fruits and veggies into my diet
  • More time with the family. It forced Andrea and I to spend time together planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We’ve been in a much better mood with each other the past month. It’s definitely brought us closer.
  • More energy. No coffee or energy drinks for three weeks, and not even needed now.
  • Realizing it takes just as long to cook as it does to go out to eat. It’s true!
  • Appreciate “treats” more. Now when we go out to eat, or have that beer, it’s not taken for granted.
  • Getting away from pre-packed snacks like bars. Now I know I don’t have to have a P90X bar every day for a snack. I can totally rock some red peppers and hummus!
  • The support! Each week has a new Facebook Group with Dr. Wheeler, Isabella Daikeler, and Darren Olien (the creators). Even the guy that wrote the book! Also, when you take the challenge you’ll get access to the website where there is a video tutorial for preparing each meal, shopping list, and snack guide.
So there you have it! Yes, it was pretty dang hard and there were some Cons. But damn the payoff was so worth it. If you’d like to give the Reset a shot, you can get more information and purchase it here.


Markus is the co-owner of the Cloak & Blaster gaming pub in Orlando, FL. He's a former personal trainer and Space Shuttle Engineer. He's currently married to the lovely Geek Fit Girl.

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