Stress and Weight Gain

Looking at the image you’d never guess this was a person that worked out daily, motivated others to get in shape, and worked as a Personal Trainer for several years. But, it’s me. This isn’t a snapshot of 15 years ago when I was my heaviest. This was a couple of days ago, and I haven’t been in this situation since 2005.

Where’s your focus?

This week I want to ask a simple question: when you work out, where’s your focus? Is your nose in a book? Are you checking out the local “scenery”? Are you thinking about what’s for dinner, planning your day, or thinking about just anything other than what you’re doing? Well I’m here to tell ya, FOCUS!

The fact is that people who actively focus on the muscle groups their working see faster, more astounding results than those that just “go through the motions”. When you’re doing a bicep curl, look down at  your bicep! Feel in contract. When you’re doing any core exerise or balance exercise, contract your abs and FOCUS on the contraction!

By focusing on your specific muscle groups not only will you feel a better sense of accomplishment (I mean, you’ll REALLY feel those muscles!) but you’ll find you can lift heavier, jump farther, workout longer. So this week I want you to get your head in the game, FOCUS when you workout, and leave the book for later 🙂

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The Truth About Fad Diets Like Atkins and South Beach


If you talk to anyone that’s tried to watch their weight, or lose, they’ve most likely heard of Atkins and South Beach. In fact, most have even tried one, two, or more! Personally, I’ve attempted South Beach and got great results, until I started living again!

The fact is, fad diets should be avoided at all costs. They all have one thing in common. They work, when you follow the plan. But how do tehy work? Certainly not by burning more fat! And that’s what you want, right? Less fat? The fact of the matter is these fad diets work by reducing your water levels. Humans are mostly water, so when you see a reduction in water you see a reduction in weight. But why are they harmful?

Let’s look at the common carbohydrate-restricting diet like Atkins. What happens when you reduce carbs? You reduce the primary source of energy for your body. To make up for this your body starts to produce harmful ketones and your blood actually turns acidic. Your kidneys work harder to flush these from your body, thus using more water! There ya go, you lose water weight. But, you don’t burn an ounce of fat.

In the calorie-restricting diet like South Beach, once again you’re taking away your body’s FUEL. calories are like your gasoline. Reduce them too much and you end up having to get fuel from an alternative source. Well, what better source of fuel for you body than YOUR BODY?! Your body goes into what’s known as Starvation Mode. It literally starts to store fat and start breaking down your hard earned muscle to use for fuel. Think of it as your body actually eating away at itself.

Finally, I talk about protein-restricting diets, but you have to watch the video for that 😉

Oh, all of my information comes from the International Sports Science Association, or ISSA. For more info on their programs and history check out their website at

When should I eat my biggest meal?

Struggling to figure out when you should eat? How about how many calories your meal should be? That’s what I tackle in this week’s Fitness Tip of the Week!

In general you want to eat your biggest meal in the morning. This allows you to burn off most of those calories as the day goes, and it also gives you the energy you need to run full steam. What you don’t want to do is eat a huge amount of calories at night, right before bed.

A great tip is to think about what you’re going to be doing the next three hours. Will you be working out, going for a walk, or cleaning? Or will you be sitting on the couch, at a desk, or taking a nap? If you’re going to be active, eat more calories prior to your activity. If you’re going to be relaxing or sedentary, eat less. Try to strive for you biggest meal at 500 calories and your smallest meal for 200 calories.

Hope this helps you all and have a great week! Oh yeah, make sure you comment 🙂