GenCon, The Friday

Day 2, FRIDAY!!!!!! This is when GenCon really got started. You see, there is a cool thing about GenCon that I've only ever seen at one other convention. You have the people that go 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But then you get some folks that all arrive Thursday, and even more hardcore gamers that get there Wednesday (the unofficial start of the Con). So Wednesday and Thursday are usually much less crowded and laid back. Friday, the flood gates open.


I started my day off with a killer Focus T25 Ab workout. I tried to be quiet so I had to modify most of it, but everyone woke up in the middle of it, anyway. But, I sweated and earned my GenCon beers! This was also kilt day! I have to say, walking around Indy in mid-70s temps with a kilt on was amazing. It really helped navigate the crowded convention hall, and made for some awesome pictures.


We went over to the dealer room like normal and didn't buy too much. We try to save most of that for Sunday. But of course Andrea found an Otter. She's like a blood hound when it comes to Otters and Puppies. We did manage to make it to the Ubisoft room to demo their games. They. All. Sucked. I found myself asking “Is this really the team that does Assassin's Creed?” To get you to play they have scantly clad women in costume handing out punch cards. Demo each game and get entered to win an iPad. What they don't tell you is that you have to be there to win. Rule #1. Don't expect people at a gaming convention to be anywhere at a specific time unless it's for a game! But seriously, games were awful. All of their machines lagged. The new game coming out that I was told I can't talk about (since I have a press badge, but anyone else could take pics and talk about it), just wasn't fun. And their free iPad deckbuilder, Might & Magic Duel of Champions, is low res and confusing. They gave me a code to use in-game for free stuff, but there's nowhere to even enter it! Incredibly frustrating. I should do a full review since I was there for press, but really this is all I can say on it: they. all. sucked.


So after that bit we made our way to True Dungeon and signed up for a pick-up team. I'll probably do a full review of TD later on. The staff this year was awesome, and all but one DM were great. The last DM basically shoved us out of the room (but we did have a guy texting most of the time, so I can't really blame him). The sets, though, just seemed low par. They had way more room this year and it seems like they couldn't really fill it. I feel really bad, too, as this was the first experience Crystal and Chad had with it. But, we're already planning for next year.


So after TD was dinner time! But first we had to detour to the Ram. Why? A FRELLING AWESOME EXCLUSIVE DRUNK QUEST HERO CARD… WOLVERINE! I can't speak highly enough about the guys that run Loot Corps. They were extremely kind and generous the whole weekend. We ended up going to another favorite spot, and GC13 disappointment, Rock Bottom Brewery. A few years ago we came here and it was amazing. Good beer, great staff, great food. This year the beer was still good, we had plenty of room, but the service was shit. We felt like our server could care less about us. He'd take part of our order and if we had any questions, he'd leave before we could ask them. It took forever to get our drinks and food. It just wasn't that great. I guess we need to just stick with Scotty's and be safe.


It was pretty late after we finally got out of there. I think it was around midnight. So what do you do after hours at GenCon? GAME! Andrea, ms. “Oh I know so and so and we're tight” got on twitter and we ended up meeting with @tabz and Eric, Founder of Albino Dragon games. We pilfered some beers from the room and met in the open gaming hall for some Last Night on Earth. This was really the first time I was able to play the game fully through, and I have to say it was awesome! It was really cool playing with new people that I didn't know, and because this is a co-op game we bonded pretty well. Nights like this is really what GenCon is all about.


Time to FOCUS

Some people say you can't get a good workout done in under 30 minutes. To those people I say “LIAR!”


Last week I started Focus: T25. It's a new workout created by Insanity trainer Shaun T. It's marketed as a workout you can do in 25 minutes, 5 days a week, and still get incredible results. I will admit I was fairly skeptical. I'm used to my workouts being at least 45 minutes. But this past week I was definitely proven wrong.

My wife and some friends did the 5-day Fast Track. I don't know how they did, but I dropped 5lbs and saw a huge boost in performance. I went from dying on the rug after Cardio, to only having to lie down and gasp for air. It's deceptively hard. Unlike Insanity, it doesn't have the big gym full of athletes and the pumping music. It really reminds me of something my mom would have done back in the early 90s. That's when you glance down at the clock and realize you've only been going for 5 minutes, and you're covered in sweat.

So far I really like the program. The meal plan is solid, and nothing beats being able to know just how long your workout is going to be. Hint, they are all 25 minutes. Anyone can get that done!

Are you doing T25? Do you want to? I've got a great group of people doing it together right now, and we'd love to have one more!


Focus T25 Pre-week

Today kicks off the Focus T25 5-day kick start. It's an 1100 calorie plan you do before starting the program. I've never done one of the pre-plan weeks that Beachbody has, but I see great results all the time.


Today was Alpha Cardio. Holy. Crap. Talk about tough! 25 minutes seemed to go on forever. And I hear this is one of the “easier” workouts! I am enjoying getting back into Insanity-style workouts, though. Stay tuned to check my results and progress!