Coming Soon: An all new blog!

For almost two years, since it’s inception, this site has been dedicated to my health and fitness journey, and to helping those around me discover the life of being fit and the joy of health.

I feel like this has been a great thing, but it’s only a part of who I am. I want to open my life to everyone I help and hopefully encourage a whole new group of people, the geeks. I’m living proof that geeks, gamers, techies and nerds aren’t all overweight kids living in their parent’s basement, basking in the glow of their computer monitors and wearing a Cheetos T-shirt.

Will I still talk health and fitness? Will I still be here to help people? ABSOLUTELY! Fitness is my life. In fact, it saved my life. It’s allowed me to embrace more of the geek culture I love so much. What you’ll start seeing on a more regular basis will be my everyday life. Instead of just a video fitness tip, you may see a video of me working on a new costume, a review of the latest iOS game that I’m playing, trips to local conventions, and probably how it all ties back into being healthy.

I’ve really enjoyed taking my love of fitness from nothing to this. I really look forward to what the future of ZmanFitness is going to bring. I’m a geek. I’m fit. I’m a guy. Welcome to the new Geek.Fit.Guy

“Enjoy the journey” – Tony Horton