It’s tough living a fit life

I knew it was only a matter of time. All my life I’ve been the “fat” kid. I graduated High School weighing in at 265lbs and a 52” waist. College got a little better and I dropped to about 230. Then I found Beachbody and everything changed. But, this isn’t a post about all of that. It’s actually the “after” post. Not about hitting my lowest weight at 172lbs, running Half Marathons, or finally wearing “normal” size clothes. No, this is a realization that without constant effort things change.

I weighed myself last week and was absolutely floored. I weight in at 220 pounds. It hit me that I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a decade. What really hit me is that my wife has never seen me this heavy, and that’s what really got me fired up. See, I’m a guy that could honestly care less what people think about me. How I look, how I act, what I do with my life. But hitting an all time low for my family is the worst feeling in the world. I mean, keep in mind, I’m not “fat”. I have spent the past year packing on muscle, but I also won’t tell myself that it’s all muscle. My body fat percentage is currently 27%. While not as nice as that ideal 15% I want to be at, I can still see muscle definition. I can do my pull-ups, push ups, and run a 5k no problem. But, my pants are tighter and my shirts aren’t as comfy. If you follow me on social media you may be baffled. I mean I workout EVERY single day. And not just walking in my living room to 70’s pop. P90X3, Les Mills Combat, Insanity. Intense workouts. So what’s the deal?

In short, time and nutrition. Since working to open the pub I have really let my nutrition go to shit. Oh I drink my Shakeology every day. But I also drink more the 2 beers a night, eat tater tots and fries. But I only eat chicken and black bean patties! But they’re usually in Sriracha Mayo and beer cheese. I’m sorry, but no amount of exercise will keep that kind of eating at bay. When I was logging my macros and nutrition I found I’d be OK on the calorie account, but my diet was very high in fat and carbs. This has been going on for roughly 7 months, so I’m actually shocked I’ve only packed on 20 pounds!

The point of this post is for those of you that are already in shape. Don’t take your eye off the ball. Ever. Don’t allow yourselves to get complacent with yourselves. Don’t let the excuses creep up. It starts with one. Have a fun night every now and then, but when your pants start to get tight, you tighten up.

And for those of you still working toward your goal, it is absolutely essential you don’t think getting to your goal is the end. It isn’t. You can still backslide. You can still fail. You can still lose it all. So stay strong, have a plan, and stay in the fight.

As for me? Well this is day three sticking to my nutrition and workout plan. Pants are already a little looser, and weigh-in day is coming up.

Rollin’ 20’s and Killin’ Orcs


This was the start to Gen Con 2014, our annual fellowship for gaming, drinking, and more gaming. This year I want to relive my experience a little differently. Every year I get the question “Why do you pick Gen Con over Dragon*Con?” I hope by the end of this you’ll understand why this little gaming con has become the number one con of the year.

Scotty's Dice through the years

After we remedied the pants fiasco we made the trek to our first stop, Nashville, TN. From here it’s only about a 5 hour trip to Indy, but more importantly it’s home to the great house of Bass Monroe. Fellow gamers and home brewers we spent Tuesday night touring some of the Nashville craft brew scene and discussing our game plan for the week. It was tough getting to bed, even though we were running on less than four hours of sleep. The anticipation of four solid days of gaming made Tuesday night feel like Christmas Eve.

Scotty's Dice through the years
We managed to get into Indy just after 6 on Wednesday. A little later than we’d hoped but construction and traffic between Nashville aGenCon 2014nd Indianapolis was insane. We dropped off our stuff at the hotel and booked it over to Scotty’s Brewhouse, one tradition for the past 4 years. Scotty’s is unique amongst the bars around the convention center. It’s run by Dave (@IndyDav), former GM for the Ram and a fellow gamer. This means Scottys is always above and beyond the theming most bars put on for the con. While most places will make a themed menu and show geek movies, you can tell Scotty’s is the real deal. And just as a bonus you get a custom die each day you visit. Just these little touches make it a must go hangout for some after hours gaming and imbibing on the Dogslicer Ale.

Stardate 68083.7. We’ve awoken at Gen Con for day 1. Our primary mission, to aquire our press badges. But first, cardio. Andrea and I downed our pre-workout Energy and Endurance formula, strapped on our Five Fingers, and set off for the GC2014Blog 12amazing running spaces of downtown Indy. I won’t lie, this con is built on the stereotypical gamer and it’s amazing to fight that image with a kick to the face. Indy is so amazing this time of year and the convention center is near an amazing park where you’ll find numbers of people running, walking, or doing boot camp workouts. And it’s nice being outside. That done we made our way to the press room. Badge acquired and achievement unlocked! One would think a major con of over 60,000 people would elicit huge wait lines. GenCon wisely opens up it’s Will Call window Wednesday evening and leaves it open 24 hours all week. Even with a long line you’re in and out in about 10 minutes.

GenCon 2014

Thursday was “friend day”. This is possibly my favorite aspect of Gen Con, meeting all the friends you only get to see once a year. Kilted up and equipped with my Bag of Holding we made our way to the Geek & Sundry booth. There we met up with our friends Sarah, Tabitha, and Caylie. The conversation naturally fell into our gaming plans for the evening. It was pretty much understood we’d be destroying something that night, whether that be orcs, livers, or each other. And without further ado we were in the lobby of the hotel trading beers and joined by Lisa and Brian from d20Monkey playing a brand new game, Unspeakable Words. It’s like a card based Cthulhu scrabble.

Friday was costume day for me. We awoke early and did our P90X3 Yoga. This was AMAZING after a full day on our feet. Then I donned my only costume, Star Lord. Now, here’s where the primary difference between Gen Con and Dragon*Con come to light. GC is not a huge costuming con. There are some, and they are usually GREAT. But it’s not a constant barrage of photogs and people in worbla and spandex. That said I got a great response. Could have been the little Rocket I was carrying or the bluetooth speaker blasting Awesome Mix vol 1. But even though I got a lot of nods and thumbs up there were very few pictures. THIS IS GOOD! I was able to walk around the dealer hall and actually enjoy myself. Andrea and I were able to go to some of the booths and do some shopping, picking up an amazing game called Veliciraptor! Cannibalism!

GenCon 2014GenCon 2014
GenCon 2014

This next part is tough to put into words but it highlights another awesome part of Gen Con. We decided to go back to Geek & Sundry to see the ladies. A few minutes later Wil came up, slipped Andrea a W00Tstout 2.0 and invited us to join him for lunch and games. We headed off with Sarah, Jaques, and his wife Dawn. Needless to say I was a bit nervous but it turned into a great afternoon playing Drunk Quest, Velociraptor! Cannibalism!, talking home brew, and all manner of things. Before we knew it we’d been there for about 6 hours and the place was starting to pack up. So after a few more drinks we headed back to the hotel and dropped everyone off. I couldn’t wait to get out of that costume!

Saturday came really, really early. But you know what, I was about to do something I’d never done before and that’s what GenCon is all about. I headed to the convention center at about 745 with Crystal and Chad to play my very first game of Pathfinder. Let me just say I have always been DnD. Drizzt’s my boy and I love the the Companions of the Hall. It had never crossed my mind to play another system (other than Star Wars or Firefly). But I really enjoyed Pathfinder. It seemed to have a community that I haven’t seen from Wizards in a long time. I got my Pathfinder Society number, signed up, and made my character (a badass ninja). That’s when I was told I could register my character and they would go with me from game to game, leveling up. So cool! Anyway, we mustered our little group together and sat down to go on an epic journey to unravel the mystery of the Gill people. The story was pretty fun and I loved the system, but our DM killed it. He opened up saying he’d already run the game 34 times so he really had no passion. In fact, often when we’d get stuck he’d just tell us what to do next. We also rolled 20’s like a boss, which he ended up really hating and he took it out on us. Honestly, if it weren’t for my friends I would have walked away from that game and never looked at Pathfinder again.

This brings me to one of the very few aspects of GenCon I’ve noticed getting worse as the years go on. They DM/GM’s are just over worked. See, the system for paying these folks is by having them work X hours for a % of their badge and room fees. If they work 4 hours they get a percentage of their badge paid for. Eight hours and they get more until they are able to get a free ride. This means many people sign up to work every available slot, literally from 8am to midnight every day of the con. The gaming starts Wednesday so by Saturday most of these folks are exhausted.

GC2014Blog 9After a few more hours running around the convention floor all kilted up and snapping pictures of the various costumes and booths, we grabbed our cooler of craft beer, some board games, and set off for the convention hall to do some free gaming. Enter the only other aspect of GenCon that seems to be going down hill, the open gaming space. A couple of years ago you could squat just about anywhere with a group of friends, crack open a game, and go nuts. This year it seemed like the hotels and con were really trying to capitalize to the max. There was the open gaming hall like always, but more and more tables were reserved for ticketed games. We tried the upstairs area of the hotel where their were private rooms and tables, but they were already booked by gaming groups (most of which weren’t using the actual rooms but they would reserve them for 24 hours anyway). We finally ended up in the convention center food court. This actually worked out quite well as we had quick access to bathrooms and water, but were in a nice secluded corner. And this is how we welcomed Sunday, the final day.

Sunday is generally much more laid back. It’s the last day to get some really good deals on games. It’s the last day to do anything you haven’t done yet over the course of the week. It’s also the last day not to sleep in. So up again bright and early on about four hours of sleep I set of to do something I’d never done, paint mini’s. While Andrea and I were in Scotland we found a Games Workshop and painted our actual first mini, but they only let us paint one color. This was a full on mini, and it was free! You got a mini and brush to keep and use of all their paints. I decided to paint a mini for my wife, a bad ass red headed warrior. Then it was off to the dealer hall to get those last minute deals. Alas, there weren’t really any 🙁 It was a much different experience this year. I’ve seen a lot of the smaller indie game companies show up at this con with a table and a guy with a demo game, happy just to get his name out there. Now these indie groups have all grown up into million dollar groups, and as such are starting to lose their connection to the fans. It’s a shame, but also just a part of life. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a damn blast!




All in all GenCon was a hell of a good time, as always. I met up with old friends, met some amazing new ones, found new games and loves, and got to do many things I can’t do the rest of the year. When you live in a town lacking a real gaming scene it’s a nice break to just spend a solid week playing every game you can get your hands on.

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Super Bowl Workout

It's Super Bowl Sunday. The drinks are flowing. The dip is dipping. The wings are… winging. And your belt is getting pretty tight. Before you know it you're either passed out on the coach with a grin of victory or a scowl of defeat. So what can we do about that?

After joking about posting about fitness and football on Facebook I got an above-average amount of interest in a “Super Bowl Workout Game”. So if you want to feel a little less guilty about making that entire plate of brownies disappear, give this a shot.

What you'll need:

  1. A team. You have to choose sides. I know I know, but just pick the team with the prettiest colors.
  2. Room to move. It doesn't have to be a lot. If you can lie down without hitting anything, you're good. A good place to claim as your own would be a hallway.
  3. Comfortable clothes. You'll probably have these on for the massive amounts of food and drink anyway.
  4. A pen and paper. This is optional, but wouldn't it be cool to know what you did after you wake up the next day?

The “game”:

  • Your team scores a touchdown do 5 pushups. Extra point? Do 2 more.
  • Opposing team scores do 10 pushups. Extra point? Do 4 more.
  • Fumble do 10 bodyweight lunges
  • Interception do 15 squats
  • Review of play do 10 jumping jacks
  • Non-alcoholic beverage commercial run in place for the duration of the commercial
  • Alcoholic beverage commercial do crunches for the duration of the commercial
  • Commerical with an animal do 10 pushups
  • Commercial about a car do jumping jacks for the length of the commercial
  • Every time you have an alcoholic drink jog in place for 30 seconds

Sounds fun, right? Maybe not but I bet if you got the entire house to do it you'd have a blast! So get people going, take some pics and tag them #SuperBowlWokout or post them to my Facebook. I'll be watching!


Time to FOCUS

Some people say you can't get a good workout done in under 30 minutes. To those people I say “LIAR!”


Last week I started Focus: T25. It's a new workout created by Insanity trainer Shaun T. It's marketed as a workout you can do in 25 minutes, 5 days a week, and still get incredible results. I will admit I was fairly skeptical. I'm used to my workouts being at least 45 minutes. But this past week I was definitely proven wrong.

My wife and some friends did the 5-day Fast Track. I don't know how they did, but I dropped 5lbs and saw a huge boost in performance. I went from dying on the rug after Cardio, to only having to lie down and gasp for air. It's deceptively hard. Unlike Insanity, it doesn't have the big gym full of athletes and the pumping music. It really reminds me of something my mom would have done back in the early 90s. That's when you glance down at the clock and realize you've only been going for 5 minutes, and you're covered in sweat.

So far I really like the program. The meal plan is solid, and nothing beats being able to know just how long your workout is going to be. Hint, they are all 25 minutes. Anyone can get that done!

Are you doing T25? Do you want to? I've got a great group of people doing it together right now, and we'd love to have one more!


Focus T25 Pre-week

Today kicks off the Focus T25 5-day kick start. It's an 1100 calorie plan you do before starting the program. I've never done one of the pre-plan weeks that Beachbody has, but I see great results all the time.


Today was Alpha Cardio. Holy. Crap. Talk about tough! 25 minutes seemed to go on forever. And I hear this is one of the “easier” workouts! I am enjoying getting back into Insanity-style workouts, though. Stay tuned to check my results and progress!