21 Day Fix, Round 1 Results and Review

Yesterday marked the completion of my first round doing the 21 Day Fix. Before I get into what it is and what my experience was, let’s just cut to the chase. Can you get in shape and lose weight in just three weeks while eating a ton of food? Yup. I lost 4 pounds, an inch off my waist, and an inch and a half off my chest while eating about 2300 calories a day and spending just 30 minutes working out. Above that my flexibility has improved greatly and my stamina has gone through the roof. So, there you have it. If you’re still intrigued keep reading. 

Super Bowl Workout

It's Super Bowl Sunday. The drinks are flowing. The dip is dipping. The wings are… winging. And your belt is getting pretty tight. Before you know it you're either passed out on the coach with a grin of victory or a scowl of defeat. So what can we do about that?

After joking about posting about fitness and football on Facebook I got an above-average amount of interest in a “Super Bowl Workout Game”. So if you want to feel a little less guilty about making that entire plate of brownies disappear, give this a shot.

What you'll need:

  1. A team. You have to choose sides. I know I know, but just pick the team with the prettiest colors.
  2. Room to move. It doesn't have to be a lot. If you can lie down without hitting anything, you're good. A good place to claim as your own would be a hallway.
  3. Comfortable clothes. You'll probably have these on for the massive amounts of food and drink anyway.
  4. A pen and paper. This is optional, but wouldn't it be cool to know what you did after you wake up the next day?

The “game”:

  • Your team scores a touchdown do 5 pushups. Extra point? Do 2 more.
  • Opposing team scores do 10 pushups. Extra point? Do 4 more.
  • Fumble do 10 bodyweight lunges
  • Interception do 15 squats
  • Review of play do 10 jumping jacks
  • Non-alcoholic beverage commercial run in place for the duration of the commercial
  • Alcoholic beverage commercial do crunches for the duration of the commercial
  • Commerical with an animal do 10 pushups
  • Commercial about a car do jumping jacks for the length of the commercial
  • Every time you have an alcoholic drink jog in place for 30 seconds

Sounds fun, right? Maybe not but I bet if you got the entire house to do it you'd have a blast! So get people going, take some pics and tag them #SuperBowlWokout or post them to my Facebook. I'll be watching!


Time to FOCUS

Some people say you can't get a good workout done in under 30 minutes. To those people I say “LIAR!”


Last week I started Focus: T25. It's a new workout created by Insanity trainer Shaun T. It's marketed as a workout you can do in 25 minutes, 5 days a week, and still get incredible results. I will admit I was fairly skeptical. I'm used to my workouts being at least 45 minutes. But this past week I was definitely proven wrong.

My wife and some friends did the 5-day Fast Track. I don't know how they did, but I dropped 5lbs and saw a huge boost in performance. I went from dying on the rug after Cardio, to only having to lie down and gasp for air. It's deceptively hard. Unlike Insanity, it doesn't have the big gym full of athletes and the pumping music. It really reminds me of something my mom would have done back in the early 90s. That's when you glance down at the clock and realize you've only been going for 5 minutes, and you're covered in sweat.

So far I really like the program. The meal plan is solid, and nothing beats being able to know just how long your workout is going to be. Hint, they are all 25 minutes. Anyone can get that done!

Are you doing T25? Do you want to? I've got a great group of people doing it together right now, and we'd love to have one more!


Focus T25 Pre-week

Today kicks off the Focus T25 5-day kick start. It's an 1100 calorie plan you do before starting the program. I've never done one of the pre-plan weeks that Beachbody has, but I see great results all the time.


Today was Alpha Cardio. Holy. Crap. Talk about tough! 25 minutes seemed to go on forever. And I hear this is one of the “easier” workouts! I am enjoying getting back into Insanity-style workouts, though. Stay tuned to check my results and progress!