Staying Fit on a Boat!

Last week I spent a week at sea, sailing around with all you could eat everything, a Ben & Jerry’s, and $3.95 Johnny Rockets. It would have been incredibly easy to enjoy the week and then hate myself this week. But, I was able to keep myself in check, enjoy a ton of tasty food, and come home with less inches! This is how I did it, and I hope you can, too.


First and foremost, workout every day! You’re on a ship, and chances are there is a great gym and running track. On our ship we had a running track upstairs as well as treadmills that faced the front of the ship. I wouldn’t recommend the gym classes, however. They were high cost for little reward (from what I saw).


Buy the water package! Get the 24 bottles. You’re going to drink them and they are far cheaper than buying individual bottles. Also, the water on the ship is reclaimed salt water so it’s drinkable, but not that tasty.


Book excursions that require you to move. We took a 5k running tour of St. Thomas that was fantastic. We also took a hiking excursion around CoCo Kay. This burned a significant amount of calories that wouldn’t have gotten burned just sitting on a beach sucking down sugary drinks.


Use the stairs! There are a lot of levels to these ships and things to do on every level. Most of the time you’ll only need to go a few floors at a time so it’s totally worth doing. You could even make bets and have people pay each time they use the elevator ?


Dinner! This is one things people always love about cruises. You want five lobsters? You get five lobsters! You want three desserts? You get three desserts! Or… you want grilled chicken and vegetable? You get as much as you want! You want salad? You get salad! I found out early on if you say you have a special diet you can get some marinated chicken breasts and TWO plates of steamed veggies. This freed me up to get some really awesome desserts and keep my waistlines.


Room service for breakfast. Use it! If you go to the breakfast buffet you’ll be assaulted with high salt meats, powdered eggs loaded with sugar (yes, the eggs are powdered), and breakfast desserts. If you use the complimentary room service you can choose what to get, and you do it the night before when temptation is low. We would get back to our room and request a few fruit plates, some yogurt, and oatmeal. It was great.


Finally, treat yo’ self! Our ship had a Ben & Jerry’s for super cheap and a Johnny Rocket’s that was all you could eat for $3.95. Choose when you want to indulge in these and stick to your plan.


All in all if you just act like a responsible, healthy adult you’ll have a great time and still come home with all of your clothes fitting (or in my case just a little looser!)


Markus is the co-owner of the Cloak & Blaster gaming pub in Orlando, FL. He's a former personal trainer and Space Shuttle Engineer. He's currently married to the lovely Geek Fit Girl.

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