P90X2 vs P90X, which is better? How are they different?

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P90X, without a doubt, changed home fitness for millions of Americans. It took home workout programs from sweatin’ to the oldies, cardio boot camps, and Fonda steps to fat shredding, gun wielding, endurance driving results. Many programs have come out since it’s inception to try and take market share. But NOTHING has come close to rivaling the original P90X. Until now.

Today marks the first day you can pre-order P90X2, but what it is? Why should you do it? Is it worth another 90 Days with Tony Horton and the Gang? In short, it’s worth every bit of the hype you may have heard.

P90X2 takes a whole new approach to fitness. It uses the same 90-Day philosphy, but this time is broken up into three distinct phases.

-Phase 1: Foundation, works on your base strength and flexibility. This will make sure you can complete the rest of the program without injury while increasing your foundation. Clever, I know!

-Phase 2: Strength, will see you lifting heavier and uses a concept called Instability to maximize your muscle usage.

-Phase 3: Performance, is where the money’s at. Here you’ll find yourself working just like an athlete. Using Post-Activation Training, or PAP, to truly maximize your results and potential.

What is the foundation of P90X2? Why is this better than that $29.99 90-Day program on the shelf at Wal-Mart? Because Beachbody does something that most other fitness programs don’t. They research. They don’t hire someone that’s fit to look pretty on a box. P90X2 was developed by a world-class team of fitness experts and exemplifies the most modern thinking in sports science. The moves that you’ll be doing at home, the diet plan you’ll be following, are all in practice by today’s top atheletes. Sound scary? It should!

P90X2 is not for beginners. Don’t buy this if you’ve never done a workout regiment before. So who is it for? P90X2 is for people that have completed Power 90 or P90X. People that have left puddles of sweat on the floor with Insanity or Asylum, people that already know that muscle burns fat thanks to ChaLEAN Extreme. This is a program for people that want to increase their athletic ability, increase their range of motion, and just want to take it to the next level.

And speaking of diets, didn’t care too much for the original P90X diet plan? Well neither did Tony. This plan has been rebuilt from the ground up, and even includes a complete Vegan and gluten free menu! It’s simpler and more versatile than before.

Are you ready to BRING IT!? If so, you can make a few choices now. One is to get on the pre-order list. Why bother pre-ordering? There are a few very good reasons:

1. Pre-Order is open early if you go through a Team Beachbody Coach.

2. You get two FREE workouts. One on One: 4 Legs and One on One: Upper Body Balance

3. You get FREE shipping and guaranteed delivery by December 25th (Merry Christmas!)

4. There will only be enough programs printed to cover this initial pre-order. If you don’t get on the list, you’ll be sitting by your Facebook feed watching all the cool kids have fun while you wait for the main order to open up.

If you’re still reading then it’s safe to say you’re interested in pushing yourself, taking your fitness to a whole new level, and really showing people what you can do. Pre-order today from me and I’ll even add you to an exclusive P90X2 workout group starting up January 1st. What better way to start the year off right?

Below you’ll find a link to pre-order the basic package. BUT, I encourage you to look at the two other offerings with P90X2. The next level up includes two more workouts for FREE, as well as a stability ball, 2 medicine balls, and a foam roller. The next package up from that also includes 2 push-up handles and swaps out the basic foam roller for an advanced Deluxe roller.

[button url=”http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/X2Base?referringRepId=37155″ target=”_self” size=”small” style=”limegreen” ]Click here to Pre-Order P90X2[/button]

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