It’s So Quiet Around Here

Most nights our house is abuzz with battle cries of our little tiger, Tonks. Wednesday was her last battle.

Tonks has always had health issues. Being the runt, she had feline leukemia, and her sinuses were always out of whack. About two weeks ago we noticed a large lump on the side of her face. It came out of nowhere. So, we took her to see the vet and she said she didn’t even need to do an x-ray. She could see the tumor just by opening her mouth. This is something that grew from nothing to massive in less than a week and at this point was blocking her entire right ear canal. We honestly didn’t notice because she showed no signs of being in pain. The vet couldn’t estimate a time table for us because it was so unpredictable. We hoped for a few more months.

We brought her home and over the next few days everything was fine. She was eating a massive amount of food every day. She was vocal and still playful. Nothing seemed out of sorts. Then Monday morning I woke up and went to feed her, but noticed her food from the night before was still there. Not terribly strange but strange enough. I left the house to go visit some friends and left her in our room with new food and her box. I came home to find the food untouched and she was curled up in a small space between some boxes in the closet. Normally she can’t resist sleeping on our bed, so that’s the day I knew something was wrong and this wasn’t going to last.

Tuesday I put down some tuna and Andrea and I let her go outside. She was OBSESSED with outside. She would open the front door if you left it open just a crack, and there are many days we’d find her out in the bushes or the neighbor’s back porch. Tuesday, she laid down for about a minute, got up, and came back inside. That was kind of when we really knew. She wasn’t happy. Even though she wasn’t showing any signs of being in pain, she wasn’t the same cat and we knew something was wrong. So, we called the vet and made the appointment for Wednesday.

Wednesday morning she was almost her old self, but we could still tell she wasn’t her old self. She had fun playing in the grass, we took her to Starbucks and she was all over the car playing and being vocal. But the tumor, in just a few days, had moved into her throat and she couldn’t breath out of her nose at all. She went out fighting, though. She was not happy when they held her down to put in the IV and she passed on telling the vet exactly what she thought of her.

All in all she was a great little cat. She had her own personality and she was the last of the pets that Andrea brought with her when she moved in. The house is going to much quieter now, and a little less happy.

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