GenCon, the first days

GENCON!!! The self-proclaimed “Best four days in gaming.” This is my journey through the dungeon crawling, dice throwing, beer drinking, celeb gaming weekend. This is such an action-packed Con I'm going to have to break down each entry by day. To check out the pics I took, follow my flickr:


Day 0 (Wednesday)

The day started off on Wednesday and extremely stressful. Since I don't do this full time (yet) I had to go to my real life job which is two hours away from home. So I was fully packed Tuesday night, drove down to work, worked, drove home, then left for the airport. Just as I stepped out the door I had a teleconference with our company “big wigs” which went all the way until I got to the airport. Yay stress!!! I will say, the plane ride wasn't bad. Going from Melbourne to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Indy was pretty smooth. Once we hit Atlanta you could tell it was game time. There were people on their laptops clearly raiding *click click click click curse click*. And there was a faint pre-con funk in the air.


Wednesday night at GenCon is usually uneventful. We got in so late we went straight to the hotel and went to bed, missing out on the mini-Wednesday gaming events.


Day 1 (Thursday)

Thursday was a whole new ball game. Running on about 5 hours of sleep, GeekFitGirl and I woke up around 630 to get our workout in. Gotta stay in ConShape, and for us that isn't “round”! Luckily, our workout is only 25 minutes.


Today was the only day I did a costume, and it was my super easy Nerd Herd costume (from the TV series Chuck). Then we rushed down to the press room to get our press badges (yay press badges!). This let us get into the dealer room an hour early, which was amazing. We started off finding some killer possible decor for the Cloak and Blaster (our gaming pub). I picked up the new Firefly game, GeefFitGirl got to interview the developer, and then we went to meet the designers of Dungeon Roll. I was really impressed with the hall this year. There were so many amazing games and dealers, artists and crafters. We also found an amazing new game called Drunk Quest. Basically, the drinking version of Munchkin where you have to drink to defeat monters, and you can pass your drinks to other players. We met our friends Crystal and Chad then headed to Scotty's Brewhouse (our GenCon home base) for lunch, where we played our first game and got slightly tipsy.


I have to say that I LOVE Scotty's for GenCon. The GM @indydavscottys does a wonderful job with theming. You get a free die every day (different color per day), Pathfinder posters by Paizo were hung all over, and custom GenCon beer. Not to mention the GenCon menu and geek movies playing in the background. The best part is that it's just far enough away that it's never tremendously crowded. As opposed to the Ram which is usually an hour wait at minimum. The Ram is also decked out and this year they had two exclusive GenCon beers. But, I have to say I wasn't impressed with their theme this year at all. So anyway, after lunch we went back to the dealer hall for some swag and GeekFitGirl and I got ready for the Dungeons & Dragons: The Sundering press release and party.


I will admit I wasn't too excited about this when GeekFitGirl told me about it. I'd rather find a hole and get my game on! But as soon as I walked in and saw the amazing decor, life size statue of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar, and heard the music I was hooked. There are some amazing things coming from D&D this year, and you'll have to catch my full review for those! But as a teaser, they are changing the entire realm and you can be involved. By playing The Sundering, your actions will shape the world. But the highlight of this party for me was finally meeting R.A. Salvatore and having him sign the print of his new book. I'll admit, I totally fan boy'd on him, geeked out, and had a grin on my face for at least an hour. This all led into the D&D party and murder mystery. We didn't stick around for that part as it got incredibly crowded. No will save will keep you safe from 200 geeks all eating nachos…



After the D&D party it was straight to the Mayfair block party, where we got to sample our first taste of the official GenCon drink, Flagon Slayer. This was a Braggot by Sun King Brewery and was increibly addicting. I did get a few minutes to talk to Wil Wheaton about it, which was a cool experience. My ultimate goal as fellow home brewer and future bar owner is to get him into my bar playing a D&D campaign while enjoy one of my brews. IT WILL HAPPEN!


So GenCon day 1 had two amazing parties, but this wasn't all! Crystal, Chad, and I decided to go see if there were any open slots for True Dungeon. On the way we ran into a very stressed out man looking for three people to join his NASCRAG game. Basically, a custom campaign that runs in three year blocks and based on the Pathfinder rules. I want to say this was a great experience, but in truth it was awful. Our DM didn't have any idea what the campaign was about, so there was horrible flow. The group we joined with was really awkward. There was the typical guy-wants-to-be-a-girl and, of course, my character was romantic with his. So I spent the game playing the exact opposite! Though my Rogue did spend most of the night without pants. Anyway, we did this campaign for about three hours and, after the exhaustion set in, decided to head to the hotel. It was about 0130 Friday morning by this point.


We walked into the hotel and saw a group of people drinking around a table, having fun. One happened to be Wil Wheaton. The other, GeekFitGirl. Apparently, Wil got her drunk on cosmos all night. That's one story she isn't going to live down for a while đŸ˜‰ So rather than be awkward we all went back up to the room and passed the heck out.


End, Day 1.




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