Four Months and Counting

Four months. Roughly 16 weeks. GenCon 2015. 20 pounds. That’s my goal.

It’s been a rough 9 months. The pub has put more than just stress on our lives, a purpose in our lives, and a smile on over 100,000 people’s faces. It’s also put about 26 pounds on my body. I usually don’t care about my physical appearance. I’ve spent my whole life as “the fat kid”, and most of my adult life in awesome shape thanks to stuff like Beachbody. But what I do care about is how I feel. And right now I feel awful.

I’ve finally hit that wall where I’m having to buy new clothes. I hate that. GenCon 2014 I took one costume, Star Lord. Well, that costume doesn’t fit now. I had to squeeze into my largest kilt for St. Patrick’s Day. The majority of my fun geek shirts feel like their spandex and not loose fit cotton.

I’ve also discovered my fitness has taken a huge decline, despite never stopping my workout regime. Where I used to be able to hold a plank for over a full minute, now I’m struggling to hit 15 seconds.

So tonight I’m making my action plan. I have 16 weeks to get my ass back into shape. Drop 20 pounds. Take at least 4″ off my waist. That really shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Eat clean, stick to my macros, and workout daily. 1.5 pounds a day and 1″ a month. Piece of cake. Well, cake isn’t too hard for me to resist. But beer is. In fact, it’s sort of a job requirement. At any given moment I’ll have a rep bringing in beer to sample, a new beer to sell (and no, I don’t sell beer I personally haven’t tried), and then we have a full kitchen. And we’re in the middle of a drastic menu change. So while I can’t eliminate these aspects of my diet I can mitigate them by taking smaller samples and pours. While not the most fun, and yes there are some nights we close up and I really could use a drink, I think it’ll be manageable. Besides, I showed in January I can drop about 10 pounds while still having a Guinness a day. So I’m not too worried.

If you’d like to join me in this journey, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll add you to my Facebook fitness accountability group. Lord knows I could use the support, and if I can help you get fit along the way all the better đŸ™‚


Markus is the co-owner of the Cloak & Blaster gaming pub in Orlando, FL. He's a former personal trainer and Space Shuttle Engineer. He's currently married to the lovely Geek Fit Girl.

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