Enjoy the Journey!


So many times in our lives we’re told to just get to the finish line. Push through and get to the end. We want it now. We don’t care how we get there or what will happen after we hit that “goal”. Well I’m here to tell you to STOP. Enjoy the journey you’re on!

If you’re serious about changing your health, you need to focus on the entire journey, the trip, not just the finish line. Find things you love. Find things you enjoy. Savor the setbacks and failures because that’s what will make you stronger in the end.

Every year my finacee’ and I travel about 18 hours to a gaming convention in Indianapolis called Gen Con. A couple of years ago we decided to drive rather than fly. We just focused on the end goal, getting there. We drove straight through, and by the time we got there we were miserable! We stank. We were crashing on energy drinks. And we ended up sleeping away the first half of the first day! So last year we decided to enjoy it. We stopped at an aquarium, took a hike through some mountains, ate at local restaurants. We enjoyed the actual journey and it was so much more fun and rewarding!

So take the time to sit back and realize what you’re doing and where it’s taking you. Keep your eyes on the prize, but navigate with care.


Markus is the co-owner of the Cloak & Blaster gaming pub in Orlando, FL. He's a former personal trainer and Space Shuttle Engineer. He's currently married to the lovely Geek Fit Girl.

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