What’s your goal for 2012?

Many people think that “losing weight” is a goal that will get them the results they want. Today I’m going to show you how to actually break down your goal to make it something a little more achievable!

Let’s face it. “losing weight”, “working out more”, “eating better” are usually what people say when it’s January 1st and time to create your new life for the next year. But think about how easy those are, and how many people never achieve them!

Losing weight – all you have to do is drop an ounce, not even a pound! Easy.

Working out more – Well, how much did you workout last year? Just do one more day. Done!

Eating better – What is better? Have an extra salad this year? Done!

WRONG!!! If you want to really achieve your goal this year there are a few basic, scientific things you need to do.

First, is your goal SMART?

Smallest possible increment




Time Sensitive

So, is your goal SMART? Let’s use an example. Say you want to lose 50 pounds this year. This is what you need to write down and post on your fridge!

I want to lose 2 pounds a week. This is the smallest increment of that goal. 50 pounds is daunting! 2 pounds, not so much. You know what, it’s also measurable! You know when you’ve lost 2 pounds. You can actually see it on the scale!

Next, is it Achievable? Do you have any injuries that would prevent you from working out to get there? Do you live in an area that makes is harder to workout? Are you able to buy your own food so that you know you’ll be eating better? If not, the goal of 50 pounds this year may not be possible by running a marathon, or eating better, or working out at home.

Do you have a reward in place? Maybe a new pair of jeans when you hit your goal. Do you have a lot of rewards? Maybe a reward at the end of each 8 pounds lost (ie each month)? Something to keep you motivated!

Finally, what’s your deadline? Put a date on it! Circle that date in big red marker on your calendar! If you lose 2 pounds a week, that’s 8 pounds a month. That’s 50 pounds in just a little over 6 months!!!! So write down “On July 1st I weigh 50 pounds less” and TELL THE WORLD!!!

If you need help, I’m here. Leave a comment or contact me through any of my social media platforms. Together, we can achieve your goal no matter what it is!

A quick and FUN way to drink more water!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to share with you a fun little way that I’ve found to drink more water. You have to watch the video to really get the effect!


If you’ve ever been to a night club or really happening party you’ve probably seen this flashing LED “ice cubes” in drinks. The simple trick is to buy (or take one that was in your drink) and add it to your water bottle! It creates an amazing little light show, reminds you visually to drink more water, and just makes the plain old H2O hip for 2012! Give a shot and comment below to let me know how you liked it 🙂

Stay On Track This Holiday Season with Zman Fitness!

Happy holidays everyone! This week I want to give you all a few tips for getting through the holiday season AND issue you a challenge to make sure you do it!

First up, how did you do in 2011? Did you meet your goal? Do you even remember what your goal is?! This is what I want you all to do:

1. Write down what your goal for 2011 was. (ie I want to weigh 160lbs by Christmas 2011)

2. Then, write down where you’re at as of today. (ie I weigh 170lbs today, December 19th 2011)

3. Evaluate your activity. Look over your exercise logs and your food logs. How did you do? Did you ROCK 2011? Or did you take a more casual approach?

Use these steps to see if you really deserved to hit your goal, or maybe your goal was too high based on the activity you planned! Regardless, if you didn’t meet your goal and you really think you should have, get with me! This is why I’m here, to help you get fit and reach those goals!

Next up, a challenge. I challenge you all to work out at least 3 days a week for the next two weeks. That’ll get you to the New Year! Normally I want you working out at least 5 days a week, but with the holidays I would be STOKED if you all hit 3 days.

And finally, my last tip of 2011… LET YOUR FAMILY IN ON THE FUN!!! Don’t hide all of your healthy food and workout equipment when they come to town. Don’t put off the gym or going for that run. INVITE them to come with you! Maybe you can be the person in your family this year to inspire someone to do great things in 2012.

Have a great holiday and I’ll see you all in 2012!

The Truth About Fad Diets Like Atkins and South Beach


If you talk to anyone that’s tried to watch their weight, or lose, they’ve most likely heard of Atkins and South Beach. In fact, most have even tried one, two, or more! Personally, I’ve attempted South Beach and got great results, until I started living again!

The fact is, fad diets should be avoided at all costs. They all have one thing in common. They work, when you follow the plan. But how do tehy work? Certainly not by burning more fat! And that’s what you want, right? Less fat? The fact of the matter is these fad diets work by reducing your water levels. Humans are mostly water, so when you see a reduction in water you see a reduction in weight. But why are they harmful?

Let’s look at the common carbohydrate-restricting diet like Atkins. What happens when you reduce carbs? You reduce the primary source of energy for your body. To make up for this your body starts to produce harmful ketones and your blood actually turns acidic. Your kidneys work harder to flush these from your body, thus using more water! There ya go, you lose water weight. But, you don’t burn an ounce of fat.

In the calorie-restricting diet like South Beach, once again you’re taking away your body’s FUEL. calories are like your gasoline. Reduce them too much and you end up having to get fuel from an alternative source. Well, what better source of fuel for you body than YOUR BODY?! Your body goes into what’s known as Starvation Mode. It literally starts to store fat and start breaking down your hard earned muscle to use for fuel. Think of it as your body actually eating away at itself.

Finally, I talk about protein-restricting diets, but you have to watch the video for that 😉

Oh, all of my information comes from the International Sports Science Association, or ISSA. For more info on their programs and history check out their website at www.issaonline.com