Take that leap!

Hint: Let’s see who can catch my little mistake 😉

How many of you find that, not matter how much you workout and how well you eat you still can’t seem to move that scale? Truth is you’re standing on your own little plateau in the middle of no where! It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are a few tricks this week to help you take that leap and get back on track.

First thing you need to do is realize that you’re body has become adjusted to whatever it is you’re doing. It could be the number of calories you’re eating, the number of reps or your weight, how far you’re running. The fact is you’re body is saying “ok, I’ve adapted to let you survive. I’m going on break!” What can you do?

-It may seem backward, but first thing you can do is EAT MORE! That’s right. Chances are you’ve moved into a level of fitness requiring you to consume more calories to function. So eating 1200 calories may have been great three months ago, but now you need to up your game. Try increasing to about 1500 for a few weeks.

-The next thing you can try is Zig Zagging your calories. In essence you’re confusing your metabolism into thinking there’s something big going on. Try this for a month. The first week decrease your calories by about 300. The next week increase them by 300. Rinse and repeat.

-Finally, WORK HARDER!!! Increase the amount of weight you’re pushing. Try and run a little longer or a litte faster. Do something different! Don’t go to the same Zumba class week after week and expect things to change. YOU need to be the change that you want to be.

I hope these tips help, and as always I’m here to help YOU! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to connect. 🙂


Just do it!

How many times have you told yourself “I can’t do it. I’m not fit enough. I have kids. I don’t have time. I can’t afford it.” Well my challenge to you us to STOP doing that, and START just doing IT! What is it? It is whatever you’re telling yourself you can’t do. It’s whatever is holding you back.

Last weekend I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon, 13.1 miles. I worked out like crazy to get into shape for it. It was my second Half and I wanted to rock! Well my world flipped when I passed a guy that must have been 300 pounds. He was just strolling along rocking to his iPod. At first I judged. I thought “That dude must be crazy! He’s going to kill himself!” But then I took a figurative step back and asked myself, “What if he just wanted to start? What if the challenge for him wasn’t finishing the race, but just signing up and telling himself he could do it?”

That’s what we all need to start doing. Stop believing you can’t, and start knowing that you can. It’s not some wishy washy weird mantra from the universe. It’s putting pen to paper, rubber to the road, nose to the grindstone and getting yourself to take that first step in a positive direction.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

And neither is your perfect body! Results take TIME!

I know several of you reading this blog probably have some sort of time-based program you’re following. Be it P90X, RevAbs, 30-Day Shred, etc you’ve probably selected that program to get your desired body in that period of time. I;ll be honest, that’s false advertising.

WAIT! Don’t go throwing away your workouts or start taking them back for a refund. What I mean is this; those programs were designed to encompass that time period. They guarantee “results” after that program is completed. In order to do that they need an end date. 30 Days, 90 Days, etc. So what you as a consumer need to do is define “results”. Results for me just means a positive step toward my ultimate goal. So when I completed 90 Days of RevAbs I wasn’t at 10% body fat, but I had a 6-pack. That’s one step closer to my GOAL. Make sense?

In short, don’t give up. Keep pushing play every day and you will get results, and those results will ultimately lead to the body and life that YOU want.

Enjoy the Journey!


So many times in our lives we’re told to just get to the finish line. Push through and get to the end. We want it now. We don’t care how we get there or what will happen after we hit that “goal”. Well I’m here to tell you to STOP. Enjoy the journey you’re on!

If you’re serious about changing your health, you need to focus on the entire journey, the trip, not just the finish line. Find things you love. Find things you enjoy. Savor the setbacks and failures because that’s what will make you stronger in the end.

Every year my finacee’ and I travel about 18 hours to a gaming convention in Indianapolis called Gen Con. A couple of years ago we decided to drive rather than fly. We just focused on the end goal, getting there. We drove straight through, and by the time we got there we were miserable! We stank. We were crashing on energy drinks. And we ended up sleeping away the first half of the first day! So last year we decided to enjoy it. We stopped at an aquarium, took a hike through some mountains, ate at local restaurants. We enjoyed the actual journey and it was so much more fun and rewarding!

So take the time to sit back and realize what you’re doing and where it’s taking you. Keep your eyes on the prize, but navigate with care.