Alcohol and Fitness???!!!

Ask anyone in the health and wellness profession, if you want to be healthy and get fit one of the first things to do is stop drinking alcohol. All alcohol. All the time. Well, for some people that just doesn’t work. Like me! Bar owner and fitness professional. This post is going to talk about some of the effects alcohol has on you, some of the myths that people cling to, and how to live a healthy life without going insane.

GenCon 2016, the VLog!

This year, I thought I’d do something a little different. VIDEO! *electronic dance thumps*

Keep reading under the video for more about our 2016 GenCon trip 🙂

GenCon was super weird for us this year. For the first time ever not only did we not have roommates, but we had a full on suite! The no roommates was kinda sad to us (we love Crystal and Chad!) but having a dining room and two bathrooms really let us host games without having to hunt the fetid halls for enough chairs together to get a game going.

This year also made me realize just how much I don’t get to game, or relax, on a regular basis. I’d say most of our convention was sleeping. We were THAT exhausted. For the first year ever we never went into the open gaming halls, the second story of the convention center, or really anywhere else besides the dealer hall and Scotty’s. Working 72 hours a week for an extended period definitely took it’s toll. But, that also means you guys didn’t get a lot of the experience via my video! I am sad about that, and plan to rectify that next year.

I hope you enjoy the small glimpse of GenCon I was able to provide! This is seriously about 1/10th of what goes on and if you love gaming, you owe it to yourself grab your dice bag and visit one year.



Are your portions out of control?

Do you know how much you should be eating at one time? Do you know how much food you get on average when you go out and eat? Most people don’t, and that’s a more detrimental impact on your weight loss goals than what you actually eat!

For example, 2oz of pasta is a normal portion size. When you go to an Italian restaurant you usually get about 16oz! That’s almost 2000 calories of just pasta! Cereal is another great example. Most cereal portions are 3/4 cups to 1 cup. But your average bowl runs 2 cups! Sitting down for that late night snack of Cocoa Puffs could be adding almost 600 calories to your daily intake!

For some great examples on how to maintain your portions, check out today’s video. I give some real world examples from my kitchen. Enjoy!

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