*SPOILERS* My Take on Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Force has awoken. For the first time in over a decade I was able to go to a movie theater and see a brand new Star Wars. I was very vocal about how cautiously optimistic I was. I remember absolutely falling in love with The Phantom Menace trailers and all of the merchandising. That poster of little Anakin with Vader’s shadow? My favorite. So to hear there was a new Star Wars, with the original cast, taking place 30 years after Return of the Jedi I thought “This could be epic, or this could be awful”. Well, it was Epic.

LFG, group gaming done right

Owning a geek pub for almost a year now I’ve noticed one thing. People LOVE playing group games. But not the turn based games like Clue or Monopoly. I mean, they do love those, too. But games where they can interact as a literal group. While there are only a handful of games like this, here are a few of the favorites that always seem to leave the gaming shelves of the Cloak & Blaster and get some heavy wear.

Cards Against Humanity. The obvious party game. Actually, a party game for just horrible people. It’s an Apples to Apples style game where one person reads a category/fill in the blank card and everyone else chooses what they think will be the best fit. That usually means the most inappropriate.

We Are Horrible People. This is a game that launched on Kickstarter and is basically a mashup of charades, trivia, and pictionary. Teams are formed and each team rolls to see which of four categories they pull from. They do what the card says, but if the others on the team can’t guess what they need to from the card they do a “humiliation”. And it can be humiliating. I ended up with a marker tattoo of a guy laughing at another guy with an erection…

On a more tame note is Munchkin. While it can be somewhat turn based each person has the chance to affect the outcome of the other’s turn. Throw down a Wandering Monster and your “friend’s” day just got much worse. Or, if it’s someone you brought out to woo into your cave you may just reduce the monster’s heath to zero. Either way this game as the potential to end friendship REAL quick. Usually based on how much ale the other players have partaken.

These are by far the top three games I see played on a nightly basis, without fail. So if you’re looking for a great group or party game give these a try for sure!

When is the best time to start exercising?

Happy Monday everyone! It’s March 31st. We’re almost to the end of the first quarter of 2014. Crazy, right? I want you to take out your calendar. Which day of the week is Someday?

Yeah, someday doesn’t exist. If your’e waiting for Someday to start exercising, or to start eating better, or just to start then know that Someday will never come.

Get up and start. If you’ve been on and off the wagon, waiting for the weather to change, waiting for the perfect time then know that the perfect time is now. Absolutely right now (get up and stand while you read this email!)

Don’t wait until your laying out on the beach to start working on yourself. Start today. Start. Right. Now.