Stress and Weight Gain

Looking at the image you’d never guess this was a person that worked out daily, motivated others to get in shape, and worked as a Personal Trainer for several years. But, it’s me. This isn’t a snapshot of 15 years ago when I was my heaviest. This was a couple of days ago, and I haven’t been in this situation since 2005.

The Easter Bunny Cometh

It’s no secret that America doesn’t need a reason to come together and eat a lot of “hearty” food and drink a lot. Easter is definitely one of those times. Gather the family and friends, go to church, come home, eat and drink until you drop, wake up, hate life. That’s generally how it goes. Personally, I ate my face off. Easter falls on Sunday, and Sunday is my cheat day. It’s the day when we get together after work and either head to Steak n Shake for milk shakes and burgers, or we sit around watching TV and playing games at the pub after close. But yesterday was a bit more special as it was an all day affair. I think I ate more sugar and drank more beer yesterday than I have in over a month. I went to bed feeling like utter crap, and woke up much the same way. But, what do I do now? Where do I go from here? Do I look at the fact that I only have three days left in the 21 Day Fix and just give up? Or do I pick myself up, shake off the crumbs, and make the rest of the week great? I’m gonna go for the latter, and here’s how.
1) No regrets! Seriously, regret is going to do nothing but stress you out and piss you off. Take joy in the awesome day you had yesterday. Just don’t regret what you did. You can’t take it back. Time to more forward.
2) Eat great. Make today a new day. Stick to your plan, load up on veggies and fruits. Drink a lot of water.
3) Workout and move. You may not want to do it. You may feel bloated or fat. Well, you aren’t going to get in shape sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.
4) Write it all down. Yep. All of it. Write down what you at on Easter. Write down what you’re eating today. Write down how it all makes you feel.
One day is just a blip on your radar. You aren’t going to gain a ton of weight in one day, and you won’t lose it all in one day. So pick your head up, take a bite out of that apple, and get going!

You drink beer AND lose weight?!


Talk to just about anyone about getting into shape and one of the first things they say is “Cut out beer! It’s nothing but empty calories, and all those carbs!” There are even jokes about doing “12 ounce curls” or having a “beer gut”. Well, imagine being a home brewer and owner of a craft beer pub while also being a personal trainer and fitness coach! What if I were to tell you that you can continue to enjoy great craft beer and still get in shape? *twists waxed mustachios*

It’s tough living a fit life

I knew it was only a matter of time. All my life I’ve been the “fat” kid. I graduated High School weighing in at 265lbs and a 52” waist. College got a little better and I dropped to about 230. Then I found Beachbody and everything changed. But, this isn’t a post about all of that. It’s actually the “after” post. Not about hitting my lowest weight at 172lbs, running Half Marathons, or finally wearing “normal” size clothes. No, this is a realization that without constant effort things change.

I weighed myself last week and was absolutely floored. I weight in at 220 pounds. It hit me that I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a decade. What really hit me is that my wife has never seen me this heavy, and that’s what really got me fired up. See, I’m a guy that could honestly care less what people think about me. How I look, how I act, what I do with my life. But hitting an all time low for my family is the worst feeling in the world. I mean, keep in mind, I’m not “fat”. I have spent the past year packing on muscle, but I also won’t tell myself that it’s all muscle. My body fat percentage is currently 27%. While not as nice as that ideal 15% I want to be at, I can still see muscle definition. I can do my pull-ups, push ups, and run a 5k no problem. But, my pants are tighter and my shirts aren’t as comfy. If you follow me on social media you may be baffled. I mean I workout EVERY single day. And not just walking in my living room to 70’s pop. P90X3, Les Mills Combat, Insanity. Intense workouts. So what’s the deal?

In short, time and nutrition. Since working to open the pub I have really let my nutrition go to shit. Oh I drink my Shakeology every day. But I also drink more the 2 beers a night, eat tater tots and fries. But I only eat chicken and black bean patties! But they’re usually in Sriracha Mayo and beer cheese. I’m sorry, but no amount of exercise will keep that kind of eating at bay. When I was logging my macros and nutrition I found I’d be OK on the calorie account, but my diet was very high in fat and carbs. This has been going on for roughly 7 months, so I’m actually shocked I’ve only packed on 20 pounds!

The point of this post is for those of you that are already in shape. Don’t take your eye off the ball. Ever. Don’t allow yourselves to get complacent with yourselves. Don’t let the excuses creep up. It starts with one. Have a fun night every now and then, but when your pants start to get tight, you tighten up.

And for those of you still working toward your goal, it is absolutely essential you don’t think getting to your goal is the end. It isn’t. You can still backslide. You can still fail. You can still lose it all. So stay strong, have a plan, and stay in the fight.

As for me? Well this is day three sticking to my nutrition and workout plan. Pants are already a little looser, and weigh-in day is coming up.