Battle of the Brushes

A few weeks ago I did my semi-annual dental checkup and cleaning. I passed! *big toothy grin*. But my hygienist noted there was an area around my gums that just won’t really get clean with a manual brush and recommended I look into an electric one. I grew up using electric brushes and water picks and I remember hating them with a passion. They just weren’t fun to use and were really hard to use without making my mouth a bloody mess. But that as 25 years ago, so things had to be better now, right?

Saying Goodbye Sucks

Grieving is a weird experience for me. I’ve never been one to lose it over loss, at least right away. Right now my dog of 8 years is laying at home, unable to move, barely hanging on to life. It won’t hit me until she’s gone, probably. That could be any day now. It could be a year from now. I choose to be optimistic. But, she is 13 years old and that’s about the upper limit for larger dogs like her.