Battle of the Brushes

A few weeks ago I did my semi-annual dental checkup and cleaning. I passed! *big toothy grin*. But my hygienist noted there was an area around my gums that just won’t really get clean with a manual brush and recommended I look into an electric one. I grew up using electric brushes and water picks and I remember hating them with a passion. They just weren’t fun to use and were really hard to use without making my mouth a bloody mess. But that as 25 years ago, so things had to be better now, right?

That night I went out to Target to look at brushes. I LOVE technology and was actually pretty stoked to pick up a new toy. As soon as I saw the price tags I did an about face and started walking out, phone out and loading my Amazon app. Then I saw the disposable electric brushes. I’d always seen these for kids, but now they have them for big kids! And only like $10-$15. Problem solved. I walked out with an Oral-B 3D White electric brush. I liked that I could change out the brush heads, change the batteries, and it was Oral-B. A brand I trust. That night it felt, and sounded, like I was hitting my teeth with a weedwhacker.

This toothbrush was just awful. It was heavy. It was loud. The brush head was so large it actually hurt to try and get to my back teeth. And it actually made my dogs go insane. After a few nights I found I was just not brushing my teeth well anymore, and that’s not OK. So my wife gave me another electric disposable brush. This one was a Target store brand and had a regular brush head. It felt, and sounded, much better. The only problem was I’d have to throw the entire brush away when I was done. That’s a huge amount of waste, not to mention the cost of spending $10 on a toothbrush every few months. But, it was way better than the alternative and did a decent job.

A few days later my wife tagged me in an ad on Instagram for the Quip electric toothbrush. I was hesitant, having almost falling for the Hubble contacts that just aren’t worth it. But, it was an ideal time for me to look at a new, more permanent brush solution. And there was a great sale going on. And they look REALLY pretty. So the stars aligned and I bought a starter kit. On sale I got two metal brushes, holders, and toothpaste for about $70.

The design of this thing immediately makes me inner geek engineer happy. It feels nice. Weighty but not heavy, made of a good material (i.e. not plastic), and the colors look great in a contemporary bathroom. The bristles come soft, which works for me as I always tend to brush too hard. There’s also a great little timer that buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch to a different part of your mouth, a feature I didn’t even know I wanted! The holder is also great as it can stick to your mirror and double as a travel cover. It’s honestly a delight to brush my teeth, and that’s kinda their whole thing. They want to make it a joy to do something that most people despise doing.

I also opted to subscribe to their $20 subscription service. Every three months this gets me a new brush head for each, a new battery for each, and a tube of toothpaste. Now the toothpaste itself is OK. Not great, and I may change that up to go back to my preferred paste. But overall I would hands down recommend the Quip to anyone.

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