“Why do you post all those workout pics?”

Alright, so here’s the blog I was going to write before my dog got super sick. Ever since I moved my fitness stuff from my personal Facebook page to a “Like” page I’ve had some steady growth, but also a few people asking why I post up a picture every day of myself working out. Most are cool, but there have been a couple people that are obviously down on themselves and out of shape but feel the need to make me bad about making myself a priority.

Saying Goodbye Sucks

Grieving is a weird experience for me. I’ve never been one to lose it over loss, at least right away. Right now my dog of 8 years is laying at home, unable to move, barely hanging on to life. It won’t hit me until she’s gone, probably. That could be any day now. It could be a year from now. I choose to be optimistic. But, she is 13 years old and that’s about the upper limit for larger dogs like her.

Staying Fit on a Boat!

Last week I spent a week at sea, sailing around with all you could eat everything, a Ben & Jerry’s, and $3.95 Johnny Rockets. It would have been incredibly easy to enjoy the week and then hate myself this week. But, I was able to keep myself in check, enjoy a ton of tasty food, and come home with less inches! This is how I did it, and I hope you can, too.