Alcohol and Fitness???!!!

Ask anyone in the health and wellness profession, if you want to be healthy and get fit one of the first things to do is stop drinking alcohol. All alcohol. All the time. Well, for some people that just doesn’t work. Like me! Bar owner and fitness professional. This post is going to talk about some of the effects alcohol has on you, some of the myths that people cling to, and how to live a healthy life without going insane.
One of the biggest reasons people are told not to drink while getting fit is because it truly is one of the easiest ways to drop pounds fast. Why is that? Well, for one people drink WAY too much. Like, a 6 pack a day or (some people I know) and entire bottle of liquor. Another reason is people are drinking the wrong things. Yes, you can drink things that will be ok on your diet (I hate that word, so I’ll use it to mean healthy lifestyle), and in some cases actually accelerate your weight loss.

First and foremost let’s get out of the way that I’m not a doctor (though really most doctors don’t know much about healthy weight loss and nutrition anyway). I am a certified nutritionist though I don’t practice actively anymore, as well as a personal trainer, Beachbody Coach, and bar owner. So that said I think I have a really good grasp on this whole thing.

One fact surrounding alcohol is that your body burns alcohol before it starts burning fat. So, if you have a drink or two your body will begin to burn that off before getting over to the fat part. Which is fine. Knowing that going in you are now armed to have a great night out or relaxing night in! How can you use this to your advantage? Well, timing for one. Depending on your workout style you could burn a load of fat right after your workout, or get a longer slower burn all day long. That helps you determine if you should drink soon after your routine (i.e. at maximum burn) or if you can drink later (i.e. after your burn has tapered off and you aren’t getting much of a benefit anyway).

Now that you have an idea of when to drink, let’s look at what to drink. My next post will actually go more into this, but for now what are some good things to look for, or avoid. Probably easier to avoid.

-Light beers. Seriously. Marketing people at their finest telling you a “light beer” is better for you. It’s not. You may as well just have an unsweet iced tea.

-Mixers. Just like adding creamer and sugar to coffee, you shouldn’t add anything to your liquor if you want to keep those calories and carbs low.

-Flavored liquor. Really, just anything but whiskey for this experiment. And not the chocolate orange lemon whatever. Just straight up, maybe with some ice.

Lastly, how much can you have and still see results? This mostly comes from your macro targets. If you don’t know what those are, well I’m here to help so just message me đŸ™‚ But a good rule of thumb is no more than two drinks a day. Yes. A day. That’s two quality beers (see next video), 2oz of whiskey, or 2 glasses of wine.

You may be asking how this all works. Well the fun thing is there’s actually recent research that is showing health benefits from consuming alcohol. Again. Good alcohol not in excess. A google search pops up loads of articles, but I implore you to do your own research. Drinking isn’t for everyone. But for some, you can see some amazing results. For my go-to drinks and details check out my next blog!

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